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Diff - Eyewear for All

Are you looking for fashionable, fun, DIFFerent eyewear?  Maybe a classic pair of aviators, or a trendy pair of cat eyes? Search no further, as Eyewear Junkie has the brand for you.  DIFF, a brand that creates eyeglasses and sunglasses at a price you'll love, provides endless styles and colors that you won't be able to resist.  The eyewear isn't even the best part – DIFF knows how to make a difference.  The charitable eyewear brand donates one pair of reading glasses to those in need with every customer purchase. Since 2003, DIFF has helped over 10,000,000 individuals in over 127 countries – an accomplishment that wouldn't be possible without the amazing customers.


Through DIFF's Pouch Project and partnership with Tribe Alive, they are helping provide empowerment to others across the globe.  By purchasing a colorful sunglass case made by tailors in Uganda, or a sunglass chain made by partners of Tribe Alive in Honduras, you are making a bigger difference. Proceeds from the pieces go back to Little Angels School, whose goal is to evoke empowerment to those in the local partnership communities. Little Angels School spends the proceeds on literacy workshops, libraries, health education, eye exams for all, materials for schools, and many other areas. Each pair of glasses deserves a well-crafted case, and you could have yours today!


DIFF has over 30+ styles, with the styles consisting of more than one color way option.  Not only do they provide sunglasses, but prescription eyeglasses as well. Not in need of a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses, but wanting to purchase one of the stylish pairs? The valued brand offers blue light blocking glasses, an asset everyone could use! The special lenses on these glasses protects from the emitted light from computers, phones, and other electronic devices that are harmful to our eyes. The blue light blocking glasses are also offered in a premium edition – the lenses on the premium pairs contains a slight tint to enhance the light blocking technology to reduce any strain placed on the eyes.


There are so many great reasons you should own a pair of DIFF glasses, and not a reason that you shouldn't! Purchase through our website or check out Eyewear Junkie in store to see all we offer in varying styles and colors to try on and have adjusted by our great eyewear specialists. It doesn't get much better than new eyewear for yourself and helping those in need. Give the gift of amazing sight to yourself and someone else by visiting an Eyewear Junkie nearest you, in Wichita Kansas today!

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